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Therapeutic skincare and full body waxing in the Hawthorne district of SE Portland

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    If this is your first 60 or 90 minute facial with Silkface, please select Skin Care Consultation in addition to your facial when scheduling( a free benefit to you!) to discuss a customized treatment plan.  Please bring products you are currently using to your first facial.
    • 30m Express Silkfacial $45
      Using all the same quality, customized products provided in the Silkfacial in less time.  This is an ideal addition to a body treatment for an amazing spa experience!
    • 30m Express Peptide Facial $55
      Utilizing the amazing benefits from peptides and botanical stem cells to rejuvenate your skin.  A shorter version of the 60m Peptide Facial.  Does not include extractions.
    • Princess Facial 45m $55
      A beginner facial tailored to be a gentle introduction to skin care for ladies age 14 and under.  Your little lady will take home a new understanding to optimize skin health for a lifetime.  A wonderful treat for a birthday or special occasion. 
    • Silkfacial 60m $75
      60 minutes of blissful, customized skincare.  The most popular house facial!
    • Skin Therapy Peptide Facial 60m $95
      With nearly 100 different peptides and botanical stem cells in the Hydropeptide products, this facial allows the maximum benefit science has to offer in strengthening and improving your skin.  Choose from Anti Aging/Normal, Acne Clarifying, Hydrating or Sensitive Skin/Rosacea treatments. Put your request in the notes field.   
    • Acne Deep Cleanse Facial 60m $85
      A treatment intensive, skin balancing facial designed to combat the 3 primary causes of acne: Bacteria, Dead Skin and Oil, without stripping or drying your skin.  Includes 30 days of free "zit zaps" post facial that must be scheduled in as needed.  
    • Urban Man's Facial 60m $75
      Because scotch & cigars are not always the most beneficial!  Invest in a healthier alternative to soothe your beast.  In particular, men generally have thicker, oilier skin that has been over exposed to the elements often presenting issues with premature aging, blackheads, breakouts, dry patches or redness.
    • Antioxidant Facial 90m $95
      Superior treatment to promote repair and improve the health of your damaged or neglected skin.  (A wonderful first time facial!)  A favorite with my naturopathic doctor due to its protective and restorative value to skin cells.  Excellent choice for  sensitive or ruddy complexions.
    • Age Defiant Facial 90m $100
      An aggressive facial designed to firm and tone your face, hydrate and smooth fine lines, brighten dull skin and even skin tone.  Your most results-oriented organic facial!
    • Silkface Signature European Facial 90m $95
      If you need some stress relief and to find your zen, this facial is an excellent investment.  The most relaxing and blissful facial on the menu with extensive traditional European massage.  Designed to be deeply hydrating and soothing to pamper all skin types.
    • Skin Therapy Signature Peptide Facial 90m $115
      NEW! A longer version of the traditional Peptide Facial incorporating some additional serums, additional European Massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and LED light therapy.  The most luxurious path to anti aging you will experience!
    • Skin Care Consultation $30
      Get holistic, esthetic advice for skincare including regimen, product, ingredient, diet, supplement, and home remedies to strengthen skin's barrier.  Bring your skin care products with you!
    • Add-on Hydrating Collagen Eye Treatment $10
      A wonderful add-on to any facial, a visible eye brightener and smoothing treatment.  
    • Add-on LED Light Therapy $20
      This is a technology that was developed by NASA to improve wound healing in space.  Turns out that skin cells exposed to specific wavelengths of light get excited and develop more collagen and elastin, promote cellular repair, destroys bacteria and stimulates more youthful cell activity.
    • Add-on Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic or Enzyme Peel $30
      Add-on a superficial peeling treatment to the Silk Express Facial or Silkfacial for intensive results and no down time. Improves fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, improves texture and achieves better cell turnover to stimulate collagen and elastin.  For significant improvement, purchase a discounted series of 6 that must be used within 5 months.  Requires consultation.
    • Zit Zap $20
      Got a stubborn breakout?  Extractions performed with Aloe Salicylic Toner and "zapped" with high frequency and rosehip seed oil to jump start quick healing.  

      • Lip Wax $10
      • Brow wax $18
      • Nostril Wax $10
      • Chin Wax $15
      • Cheek Wax $15
      • First time Brazilian $65
        This is for clients who haven't had a Brazilian for longer than 6 weeks, (also first-timers) or those who have never tried a Silkface Brazilian.  Please don't trim, I will trim you to the proper length!  The length of the hair must be a minimum one fourth inch or longer to get a clean result (usually 2 week grow out).  You are welcome to leave a little puff, triangle, or landing strip on the top if you choose.  Or traditionally, all bare. 
      • Maintenance Brazilian Wax $55
        Priced right for those waxing every 4-6 weeks or less at Silkface. Services include free ingrown extractions and treatment 30 days after a wax to be scheduled as needed.  Home care advice for prevention of ingrowns is highly advised.
      • First Time Manzillian $75
        This is for clients with male genitalia who haven't had a Brazilian in 6 weeks or longer, or those who have never tried a Silkface Brazilian.  Please don't trim, I will trim you to the proper length!  The length of the hair must be a minimum one fourth inch or longer to get a clean result (usually 2 week grow out).  
      • Maintenance Manzillian $65
        Priced right for men waxing every 4-6 weeks or less at Silkface. Services include free ingrown extractions and treatment 30 days after a wax to be scheduled as needed.  Home care advice for prevention of ingrowns is highly advised.
      • Basic Bikini Wax $30
        Cleans up the fringe outside of a basic panty or tighty whitey.  For men or women.
      • French Bikini Wax $35
        A sexier wax, closer in (as much as 3 fingers wide if desired) and clean up across the top. No peeking pubes in a sexy panty or swimsuit with this one! Includes a trim.
      • French Bikini + Backside $45
        A sexier bikini line and trim across the top, plus a nice clean-up in the butt crack and navel trail.  For those not quite brave enough for a brazilian, but want a nice clean compromise.  Includes a trim. Very popular!
      • Navel Trail Wax $10
      • Buttocks Wax $20
      • Backside $15
        also known as the "butt crack"
      • Full Leg Wax $65
      • Half Leg Wax $35
      • Full Arm Wax $45
      • Half Arm Wax $25
      • Underarm Wax $15
      • Stomach Wax $30
      • Chest Wax $35
      • Nape of the Neck Wax $15
      • Half Back Wax $35
      • Full Back Wax $60
      • Ingrown Extractions $20
        Ingrown hair can be caused by shaving or wax treatments and can be quite unsightly.  Professional extraction can help avoid scarring and start healing.

    Services available for 30 minutes or less (that can be earned FREE with referrals!).
    • Brow Wax $18
    • Lip Wax $10
    • Lash Tint $25
      Using safe vegetable based dye, give your lashes low maintenance, natural looking drama.  Available in black, brown or blue-black.  Best for longer lashes, since it does not add volume.
    • Brow Tint $17
      A safe vegetable based dye that lasts 2-4 weeks.  Perfect for graying or lighter brows.  Also gives a nice color adjustment if you change your hair color.  Includes brow trim.  Available in brown, honey brown, auburn and black.
    • Brow Wax with Tint $32
      Get a discount combining tinting with your wax to show off your beautifully shaped brows with added definition.
    • Manual Lymphatic Drainage 30m $40
      A delicate, deeply relaxing massage technique for the face and decollete, using calibrated tuning forks on specific pressure points on the body to balance Qi and improve circulation of the lymphatic system.  Will boost immunity, drain sinus pressure and reduce water retention and puffiness.  Excellent for easing surgical swelling, boosting a detox treatment or cleanse, and temporary allergies/sinus relief.
    • 30m Express Silkfacial $45
      A shorter, traditional European facial that includes products chosen for skin type and condition.  Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, toner, steam, massage, mask, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen (during the day) and lip balm.
    • Silk Hand & Arm Treatment $30
    • Silk Foot Treatment $40
    • Youngblood Make Up Application 45m $30
      Pharmaceutical grade, cruelty-free mineral makeup with ingredients that nourish the skin are applied with a color match to your skin tone and preferences.
    • Paraffin Dip $10
      A lovely warm paraffin mask for hands or feet to improve circulation and softness of the skin.  Your hands and feet deserve pampering after all they do!

    • Back Deep Cleanse 45m $70
      Designed to combat your back acne or sun damage using cleanser, exfoliation, toner, steam, mask and moisturizer.  For men or women.  Includes some extractions.
    • Coconut Lemongrass Body Treatment $90
      Taking inspiration from the tropics, this treatment purifies and remineralizes skin with dead sea salt, and because coconut oil is composed of small molecules, it gains superior absorption and stops free radicals from damaging skin.  Joni's favorite!
    • Algae Detoxify Body Wrap $90
      Algae are used in this wrap to remove environmental toxins, re-mineralize skin, combat cellulite, and improve circulation.  Several clients claim to have lost inches with this treatment.  Skin will feel hydrated and revitalized! 
    • Lavender Body Treatment $80
      An aromatic, healing, skin-soothing treatment that deeply relaxes you and leaves your entire body feeling hydrated, smooth and pampered.  Heavenly!



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